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What is an Administrator's Job?

Discussion in 'Articles & Tutorials' started by Sharon, Apr 17, 2014.

  1. Sharon

    Sharon Most Celebrated Member

    Apr 17, 2014
    Likes Received:
    What is an Admin's Job?

    I have answered this question in four sections: The Topic Starter, Responsible For Consistent Participation, Keeps Attitude In Check, and Keep Members Informed. Enjoy!

    The Topic Starter

    It is the administrator's job to provide interesting topics. An admin should be able to start intriguing and unique topics to strike the members' interests and participation. When creating topics also, they don't just start them and never reply. Admins should acknowledge other members' replies with a complete thought or thoughts.

    Proper grammar and spelling is another factor an Admin must be relatively well at using. So we all make typos now and then and some of us are too lazy to capital our I's (I am so guilty of that one) but TRY to avoid making common errors. Proboards has a Spell Check feature, use it once in awhile.

    Responsible for consistent participation

    Nothing is more discouraging than to be a member of a forum that has an inactive administrator. As an admin you MUST stay active in your forum.

    An admin must take the time to reply to old topics and encourage others to do the same. If this seems to be an impossible task for the topic is no longer 'engaging' and it hasn't been replied to in months, well this is the time you must decide to either post with a new idea relating to the topic or lock and/or get rid of it.

    An administrator must set an example for other members and it's a healthy habit to be able to elaborate on your posts. If an admin posts things like "LoL " several times around the forum. Its members will assume that it's ok to do this as well. (One word/expression posts are the causes for dead topics.) Keep your forum in shape, avoid these at all cost.

    Keep your attitude in Check

    Kamel from proboards once said "Being an admin is more than being the top dog of a forum. It is the admin's responsibility to keep his/her members active and interested in the forum."

    What is the point of pointing out that quote? Here's my point: admins with BIG HEADS run unsuccessful forums. (most of the time) Unless you have some skill that others admire and they want to join your forum because they want to leech off of you, your forum will go down hill. No, actually it won't even make it up the hill, it'll stay on the ground.

    Members who see that their admin is considerate of their feelings and ideas tend to be more open resulting to their participation in the forum increasing the over-all activity. So a member may have a suggestion that isn't right or suitable to the admin's taste or whatever. Don't just squash it like it's a roach or something. It doesn't take much more effort to politely decline a member's idea rather than ridiculing it as some kind of stupidity.

    Enforce rules, but don't be an unreasonable dictator. There's a fine line between keeping order and just being plain power hungry..

    Keep members informed

    What many admins tend to do, is leave without telling their members. This is a MISTAKE. Even if it's for a little while (a week maybe) you must at least inform your staff and your members.

    What is a newsletter? It is a message (some are more detailed than others). It is usually mass emailed by the Administrator of a forum. Newsletters are a great way to keep members informed with updates, announcements, and other information about your forum. A newsletter is also a great way to get your staff involved. (The FTA Newsletter is a great example of this)

    Administrators must take the effort and set aside a specific thread or board for updates, announcements, and such. Yes a lot of members neglect to pay attention to updates but the amount that counts are those of members that really do pay attention and they are usually the active ones. So as an Admin, do your part and your members will too.

    What many admins tend to do, is leave without telling their members. This is a MISTAKE. Even if it's for a little while (a week maybe) you must at least inform your staff and your members.

    Do you agree or disagree? Please discuss and share your uprights and opinions!
    #1 Sharon, Apr 17, 2014
    Last edited by a moderator: Apr 17, 2014
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  2. SnappaGuy

    SnappaGuy Coffee drinker and Guide
    Staff Member

    Nov 6, 2016
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    Hello Sharon,

    Thank you for the very informative post, fact of the matter is I AGREE wholeheartedly with what you have written and will do my utmost to live by those words. :banana:
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